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Phragmipedium Memoria Mariza Rolando

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Phragmipedium 'Memoria Mariza Rolando' is a striking hybrid in the Phragmipedium genus, well-regarded for its alluring slipper orchids. Named in memory of Mariza Rolando, this hybrid encapsulates the artistry of orchid breeding, blending the finest attributes of its parent species to manifest in flowers with exceptional beauty. The blooms typically bear the iconic pouch-like shape characteristic of slipper orchids and display a harmonious blend of colors, possibly encompassing hues of pink, red, green, or burgundy, often accentuated by distinctive veining or speckling. Adapting well to conditions that mirror the humid, warm habitats of tropical rainforests, Phragmipedium 'Memoria Mariza Rolando' thrives in high humidity, moderate temperatures, and enjoys indirect lighting. Care for this orchid involves providing well-draining growing media, ensuring consistent soil moisture, and offering regular fertilization to promote vigorous growth and prolific flowering. Esteemed by orchid enthusiasts and collectors, Phragmipedium 'Memoria Mariza Rolando' is sought after for its enchanting floral display and the touching tribute it represents, making it a cherished addition to any collection, especially for those who appreciate the unique elegance and emotive power of slipper orchids.