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About Us

At a glance

Ecuagenera Cia. Ltda. is a family owned company specialized in the production and the conservation of orchid species and hybrids. After several years of hard-work and scientific studies on orchids, we are leaders in Ecuador and around the world in the discovery, conservation and propagation of species and new hybrids.

Our company has its headquarters in the valley of Gualaceo, in the beautiful Ecuadorian Andes, at 2,250 meters above sea level. Moreover, the 8 branches of the company located across the country offer you a wide selection of orchids (see our shops) and our two natural reserves, a unique lookout of a wide range of wild orchids and Amazonian panoramas.

The company employs more than 170 collaborators across the whole country. Thanks to their genuine know-how on orchids, we export all around the world more than 8000 varieties during international exhibitions..


Our missions

Our missions are not only to preserve the extensive collection of native orchid species built by the missionary priest Angel Andreetta, but also to participate in protecting, growing and marketing Ecuadorian species of ornamental plants.

We also aim at establishing a sustainable management of the Ecuadorian natural resources thanks to the preservation and conservation of orchid species. 

By providing research and recreational tours throughout the country, our goal is also to raise awareness among orchid aficionados and visitors about the protection and preservation of biodiversity and natural resources; and to make discover one of the most beautiful natural environment in the world.


Our history

The origin dates back to the 50s when the Salesian Father Angel Andreetta, came to the area in canton Gualaquiza Bomboiza in the eastern province of Morona Santiago. In Bomboiza, a place favored by the abundance of gold deposits and, in some species of orchids, Andreetta begin the research process, selection and collection of some species of orchids, becoming the pioneer of this activity in the region. Product of this effort was possible to participate for the first time for Ecuador in a World of Orchids exhibition held in Colombia in 1968.

Hoping that this activity continues, Andreetta find the help of a young man who discovers a great love of nature: Mario Portilla, who would become his main ally for many years. Later Andreetta continue its activities with its collection of orchids in the hacienda in Paute Yumacay Salesian. Meanwhile as the need arose to create a company that is dedicated to the preservation and marketing of orchid plants.

In 1991 José Portilla, younger brother of Mario, who shows a keen interest in this activity, is invited to participate.

February 1992 marks the beginning of the new company by May of that year and was legally incorporated under the name of Ecuadorian Genres Ecuagenera Cia. Ltd., which Portilla brothers were its founders and Andreetta their advisor. It was to this company that was responsible for the preservation of Andreetta orchid collection, until today it is carefully preserved to ensure the maintenance and reproduction of some species.

In 1993 was the first company Ecuagenera Ecuadorian who obtained legal permission for export of plants from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).