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Elaphoglossum metallicum

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Commonly known as the "metallic fern," is a species of fern belonging to the Elaphoglossaceae family. It is native to tropical regions of Central and South America, including countries like Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador. This fern is highly regarded for its striking appearance, with dark green fronds that have a metallic-like sheen, giving it its unique name.

Elaphoglossum metallicum typically grows in humid and shaded environments, often found on trees or rocky surfaces in forested areas. It is an epiphytic fern, meaning it grows on other plants but doesn't take nutrients directly from them. Instead, it collects nutrients from rainwater and debris that accumulates around its roots.

This fern is popular among fern enthusiasts and collectors due to its distinctive visual appeal and adaptability to indoor growing conditions. It requires a well-draining growing medium and regular misting to maintain the necessary humidity levels.