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Anthurium Yasuni Heart x Anthurium papillilaminum

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Anthurium magnificum x Anthurium moronense x Anthurium papillilaminum

The hybrid Anthurium Yasuni Heart x Anthurium papillilaminum is a stunning addition to the world of exotic houseplants, combining the unique attributes of two distinct Anthurium species. This hybrid features large, heart-shaped leaves that are deep green, with a lush, velvety texture that is both visually and tactilely appealing. The leaves often display dramatic, contrasting veining, typically in a lighter or silvery color, which accentuates their elegant shape and luxurious feel. Suited to a warm and humid environment, this Anthurium requires indirect, filtered light and well-draining soil to thrive, along with consistent moisture to mimic its tropical origins. Ideal for enthusiasts seeking a spectacular and rare plant, it brings a dramatic flair to any indoor garden or collection with its splendid foliage and striking presence.