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Anguloa tognettiae

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Anguloa tognettiae Oakeley, Orchids (Tokyo) 38: 26 (1999).
The genus Anguloa honors Mr. Francisco de Angulo Director General of Mines in Peru in the late seventeenth century, commonly known as Cradle of Venus or Tulip Orchid, the name honors Mrs. Vilma Tracanelli de Tognetti of Venezuela, in whose Collection first bloomed, species reported from Colombia and Venezuela, grows terrestrial in humid forests, at altitudes of 1200 to 2300 meters above sea level, its flowers emanate an exquisite fragrance that usually serves to attract pollinators.

In Ecuagenera we cultivate it in nurseries of intermediate cultivation, with moss (sphagnum) 80% mixed with perlite 20%, or it can also be cultivated with pine bark chopped in medium pieces 80% mixed with moss 20%, it tolerates temperatures between 10 oC and 22 oC with 40% shade and high relative humidity.