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Phragmipedium Río Mira

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Phragmipedium 'Río Mira' is a captivating hybrid in the Phragmipedium genus, renowned for its distinctive slipper orchids. Named after the Río Mira, this hybrid likely reflects the natural beauty and diversity of its namesake region. The flowers of 'Río Mira' are expected to exhibit the signature pouch-like shape characteristic of slipper orchids, displaying a range of colors and patterns that may include shades of green, pink, red, or burgundy, often accentuated with striking veining or speckles. Adapted to thrive in tropical rainforest-like conditions, Phragmipedium 'Río Mira' prefers high humidity, moderate temperatures, and indirect light. Care for this orchid involves maintaining consistent soil moisture with well-draining growing media and providing regular fertilization to promote healthy growth and vibrant flowering. Phragmipedium 'Río Mira' is particularly valued by orchid enthusiasts and collectors for its stunning beauty and the dramatic presence it adds to an orchid collection, making it a sought-after and cherished addition for those who appreciate the elegance and exotic allure of slipper orchids.