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Philodendron domesticum 'Calkins Gold' (s)

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The Philodendron domesticum 'Calkins Gold' is a captivating variety in the Philodendron family, celebrated for its large, arrow-shaped leaves with striking golden-yellow variegation against a dark green backdrop, giving each leaf a unique and artistic appearance. This plant excels in bright, indirect light, tolerating lower light conditions, and prefers well-draining, consistently moist soil, benefiting from high humidity. 'Calkins Gold' is a favorite among houseplant enthusiasts for its ability to add elegance and a splash of color to indoor spaces. Easy to care for, it's suitable for a range of plant lovers, from novices to experts. The Philodendron domesticum 'Calkins Gold' is more than a houseplant; it's a vibrant statement piece, enhancing any home with its golden beauty.