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Encyclia hanburyi

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Commonly known as the Yellow Butterfly Orchid, is a charming orchid species native to Central America and parts of Mexico. This epiphytic orchid is highly regarded for its striking yellow flowers and graceful appearance.

The plant typically grows pseudobulbs that produce long, narrow leaves. From the base of these pseudobulbs, the flower spikes emerge, carrying clusters of fragrant yellow flowers. Each flower has a distinct lip with intricate patterns and a beautiful fragrance.

Caring for Encyclia hanburyi involves providing bright, indirect light and maintaining temperatures that are warm to intermediate. Proper air circulation is important to prevent fungal issues. Watering should be consistent, allowing the growing medium to dry slightly between waterings. This orchid can be grown mounted or potted in a well-draining mix. With the right conditions, it will reward you with its vibrant blooms and delightful scent.