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Encyclia granitica

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Also known as the Granite Encyclia, is an orchid species native to Central and South America. It typically grows in rocky areas and is well-suited for cultivation in orchid collections.

The plant features pseudobulbs that can grow quite large, and each pseudobulb produces a single leathery leaf. The inflorescence emerges from the base of the pseudobulbs and carries several small flowers. The flowers are usually greenish with brown or reddish markings and have a unique, intricate lip.

To care for Encyclia granitica, provide it with bright, indirect light and maintain intermediate to warm temperatures. Watering should be regular but allow the growing medium to dry slightly between waterings. Good air circulation is important to prevent fungal issues. This orchid can be mounted or potted, and it typically blooms in the warmer months, delighting enthusiasts with its charming and unique flowers.