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Cattleya maxima coerulea ´Gigi` x self

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Cattleya maxima coerulea 'Gigi' x self is a self-pollinated orchid cultivar derived from the 'Gigi' clone of the species Cattleya maxima, specifically from the coerulea variety known for its distinctive blue to lavender flowers. By self-pollinating the 'Gigi' clone, growers aim to produce new plants that preserve the unique coloration and floral characteristics of the parent. This technique helps in maintaining the rarity and desirability of the coerulea's bloom traits across generations. Cattleya maxima, widely admired for its large, fragrant flowers and robust growth, is a popular choice among orchid collectors and enthusiasts, and the 'Gigi' variant adds a special allure with its unusual blue hues, making it particularly prized in the orchid community.